Colin Firth wants to make more action movies.

The 54-year-old actor is best known for serious dramas such as 'The King's Speech' but he had such a good time making 'Kingsman: The Secret Service' - in which he plays secret agent Harry Hart - that he is keen to work more in the genre.

He said: ''I guess this is the audition. If I passed it and they invite me in, I'll be there.''

Despite enjoying working on the movie, the 'Pride and Prejudice' star sustained a broken tooth but insists it wasn't painful.

He told the New York Post newspaper's Page Six column: ''I broke a tooth, which was probably the one that was most troublesome.

''I collided with a hard object. I don't know whether it was a gun or a pole? I don't think I particularly noticed [the pain] until later.''

Meanwhile, Colin's 'Kingsman' co-star Samuel L. Jackson didn't worry about falling victim to an injury on set - because he arrived for filming already hurt.

He explained: ''I was already injured when I got there . . . I hurt my shoulder doing a film in Germany.''

Colin has previously admitted he was so proud of the knocks and scrapes he sustained during filming, he used to photograph all his bruises.

He said: ''We had loads [of injuries]. But I'm so proud of them - they're trophies!

''Because there was always this doubt that anybody was going to believe that I was doing it if anyone got a bruise, or certainly if I got a bruise, it was photographed.

''It wasn't, 'Get the nurse,' it was, 'Get the camera.' Show the bruise or the broken tooth.

''We were all absolutely delighted we had something to show for it. It's pathetic. Macho.''