Livia Firth has curated an ethical clothing range for Marks & Spencer.

The Italian filmmaker - who is married to Hollywood actor Colin Firth - teamed up with the high street chain to create The Livia Firth Edit because she wants to shine a spotlight on the company's ethical decisions which have previously gone ''unheard''.

Livia said: ''I have very much admired the astonishing work that M&S has done over the years ... The work they are doing is unheard of on the high street. In Bangladesh, they created a fire safety standard five years before Rana Plaza happened, and when they work with sub-contractors they expect those factories to have the exact same standards.''

The 25-piece collection features dresses, culottes, jeans and outerwear and includes two formal office outfits and an evening and weekend look.

Stella Mccartney also enlisted the 46-year-old's help on an ethical range last year and Livia has continued to pioneer green initiatives because she feels strongly that ''fast fashion'' has warped the industry.

She told Vogue UK: ''The M&S eye to quality in its garments and production cycles means this is not fast fashion ... There has been this complete paradigm shift and fast fashion has destroyed everything that we knew. In the name of democratizing, fashion has made a mess, with an impact both on slavery and on environmental dysfunction beyond our imagination.''

The Livia Firth Edit range will be available from tomorrow (09.10.15) with prices starting from £18 in selected UK stores and at