Cynthia Nixon took ''months'' to recover from her bid to become Governor of New York.

The former 'Sex and The City' actress ran for office in 2018 and she admitted the ''constant adrenaline'' of the campaign left her and her wife, Christine Marioni, completely exhausted.

She said: ''I'm a high-adrenaline person but I've never experienced anything like the constant adrenaline of that campaign.

''It took my wife and I months to recover. In the days after the election, I just sat on my couch and I never do that. It reminded me of being pregnant.''

The 54-year-old actress thinks it is still a ''challenge'' for women to be voted into positions of power in the political world.

She said to Grazia magazine: ''Obviously things are more possible now but even though we have more and more women in politics, it's still a bridge too far for so many voters and it adds a whole other layer of challenge.

''So much of the election of Donald Trump and the pandemic has exposed not only how conservative a country we are, but how retrograde we are, particularly when it comes to white supremacy.''

Cynthia is ''hopeful'' the president will be ousted by Democratic rival Joe Biden later this year but she admitted she was equally certain he wouldn't have got elected in the first place.

She said: ''I am hopeful. I cannot imagine we would re-elect him.

''But I could not imagine we would have elected him in the first place. I'm worried he's deliberately trying to provoke unrest and be seen as the law and order candidate and that will scare people into re-electing him.''