The production is inspired by the DJ's music, and according to the show's website, it is centred on "a mouse who wants to be a house DJ but is discriminated against for being a mouse."

Deadmau5, real name Joel Zimmerman, is not involved in the production and he took to on Wednesday (17Jun15) to post a copy of a cease and desist letter which his lawyer sent to the producers of the show, which is slated to premiere at the Toronto Fringe Arts Festival on 3 July (15).

In the letter, Zimmerman's legal team claims the play violates the star's trademarks and threaten to sue if the show is not shut down.

The DJ adds in a caption, "And that's why it's always best to approach people beforehand. *shrug* ... while I appreciate their intent, they REALLY went about this the wrong way and don't fully understand how this diminishes certain endeavours.

"If I don't protect my business who will?... And if I don't speak, who speaks for me?..."