Review of Kryptonite Album by Dj Fresh

Dan Stein aka DJ Fresh releases 'Krytonite' on his own part owned label Breakbeat Kaos. This album has been three years in the making and Fresh's contribution to drum and bass music is profound. Called the 'Wu Tang of drum and bass' by NME and whose work with high profile artists such Pet Shop Boys, DJ Shadow, Grooverider, Andy C and most recently Pendulum, highlights his cutting edge ability and vision.

Dj Fresh Kryptonite Album

The sounds of d'n'b became quite industrial from the days of the Metalheadz, Bukem, Size and Omni Trio and for me lost a bit of jazz influence which was originally found in the mix. Yet, as you'd expect, with all of Dj Fresh's experience and knowledge, you would expect him to come back with a banger! And indeed he has!! 'Kryptonite' bridges the gap from the old skool d'n'b, to the industrial, to the popular forms we are now familiar with like Pendulum and High Contrast for example. With big vocal tracks like 'Lassitude', 'Hpyercaine' and 'Golddust' to deep hypnotic produced tracks like title track 'Kryptonite' and 'Heavyweight', but also it wouldn't be appropriate without a few dubstep tracks on here like 'Chacruna' and 'Fight' to show what the scene has grown into.

It's great to hear a modern contemporary d'n'b album and who better to get it from the main man DJ Fresh. It's clear with 'Kryptonite' he's been studying still and rather than produce a nostalgia album, he has produced one that is just as relevant for the kids as well as for the grownups. There's certainly something to be learnt from listening to this album. Drum and bass will never be the same as when it was born however it is still just as relevant. Highly recommended and respect to the Fresh!

Tareck Ghoneim

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