Review of Lassitude feat Sigma Album by Dj Fresh

'Lassitude' is the next single to be released by DJ Fresh on his very cool new album 'Kryptonite'. It's certainly a pumping tune! The huge vocals, old skool piano chords and pounding d'n'b beats create a truly uplifting sound with anthemic proportions. There's good production and well crafted song scope to give it more than just a drum and bass musical composition, in fact it's quite commercial, without being cheesy. It goes to show that there's still space for anthems for this genre. Other remixes on here create different feels from dubstep to house and are worthy of a listen and I was pleased to have 'Talkbox' on there as well from 'Kryptonite' album. Cool stuff!

Dj Fresh Lassitude feat Sigma Album

Tareck Ghoneim

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