A private funeral has taken place for the late disco legend Donna Summer. The service was attended by hundreds of the singer's family and friends, in Nashville, Tennessee, where she has lived since 1995. No cameras were allowed in the Christ Presbyterian Church, whilst her closest friends and family members paid tribute to the five time Grammy award winner.
Bbc News have reported that the singer Natalie Grant was present at the funeral, as was the producer - and close friend of Donna's - David Foster. Natalie and David performed 'The Prayer' together, in front of the gathered congregation. Donna's sisters also paid a special tribute to her. Linda Gaines Lotman, Mary Ellen Bernard, Dara Bernard and Jenette Yancey all performed together, singing the gospel song 'We've Come This Far By Faith.' Donna's brother, Ricky Gaines is thought to have spoken at the ceremony, as well as a number of her female friends, who shared stories of their times together, from the past.
Donna Summer died last week, after a battle with lung cancer. She was aged 63 and is survived by her husband, Bruce Sudano and her three daughters, Brooklyn, Mimi and Amanda. She also has four grandchildren. Summer rose to fame as a singer in the late 1960s and 1970s. She is recognised as one of the pioneers of the disco movement, primarily for the works that she released with Giorgio Moroder, such as 'I Feel Love.'