The disco pioneer, who produced some of Donna Summer's biggest hits, is hoping to put his stamp on the stage by creating a new musical featuring his classic tracks, as well as some new numbers.

He tells BBC Radio 4's Front Row show, "(It) is in the style of disco, using about five of my songs and some new ones... I don't know the story yet. My friend Harald Kloser, a great producer who is currently doing Independence Day 2, is really an expert in writing scripts, directing and music. I think he's coming up with a great idea... The idea is to have it in the smaller theatres in America. The company which is investing has thousands of smaller theatres. Maybe someday we would head for Broadway but (it will be) smaller for now... We're not going to have big stars".

Other tracks Moroder is considering for the musical include Call Me by Blondie, and Berlin's Take My Breath Away.

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