Donna Summer songs will be on every disco fan's stereo today, following the sad news that the powerful, influential and ground-breaking singer has passed away. Her innovative disco sound, dubbed "as radical as punk" by the UK's Guardian newspaper, defined an era and she earned a string of hits throughout the Seventies and Eighties.

Fans of the artist will no doubt have their favourite song from her bulging back catalogue, and her changing sound offers something for every occasion. The raw 'Bad Girls' was perfect for the glittery age, and the sensual 'Love To Love You Baby' was banned by some DJ's for its provocative content, though still remains a popular romantic tune for couples. Elsewhere, 'Last Dance' appeared on the soundtrack to the movie 'Thank God It's Friday' and soon became a party anthem - still a favourite of wedding DJ's till this day. Summer's version of the classic 'MACarthur Park' - recorded live in Los Angeles for her seminal 'Live and More' recording - is still regarded as one of the finest vocal performances of all time.

Twitter users have been sharing their favorite Donna Summer songs since the announcement of her untimely death, and Rolling Stone magazine have already posted their own playlist for fans to enjoy.