Ed Westwick steals underwear from his TV show.

The 'Gossip Girl' actor never turns up to the set of the US drama wearing pants because he feels "more comfortable" without them, so raids the wardrobe of his character Chuck Bass if producers make him wear undergarments.

He stated: "I show up without it and have to put it on. I don't usually wear underwear. It's more comfortable and free to air it all out."

The 22-year-old hunk - who has been dating co-star Jessica Szohr since 2008 - also admitted that despite working long hours, he is never too tired to have sex.

He said: "Sleep or sex? Sex, man. Straight up. Sex, then sleep. I've got a great appetite for . um, everything."

Ed has previously claimed he would have sex in public to dispel rumours he is gay.

He said: "I made out with a girl in public. Maybe I need to have sex in public with a woman.

"That one's still on the list. Still haven't ticked that one off. Well, I have, but they haven't seen me. Not George Michael public."