Sansa is fleeing the scene and is brought to a mysterious ship waiting to take her away from Westeros, Pirates of the Carribean style. She thinks she’s safe, until it turns out that her savior is in fact Littlefinger (a twist book fans have seen coming for years). Petyr Baelish obviously has his motivations (mostly his love for Catelyn Stark, now creepily transferred to her daughter), but this also means something bigger for the plot. In order to get the ship ready, Littlefinger must have known about Sansa’s flight (and therefore Joffrey’s planned murder) for some time. Of course, Petyr, being a Catelyn Stark fanboy, definitely has motive to kill Joffrey. But then so does practically everyone else in King’s Landing, so we’ll let that one go for the moment.

Meanwhile, it looks like everyone is gearing up for war.

Is she though?