Evanescence star Amy Lee cringes at some of the music she wrote for the band when she was in her teens.

The rocker was just 14 years old when she founded the group, and she wrote and recorded all of the original music for its early demo tapes and Eps.

In an interview with Rolling Stone, Lee, 31, admits the music she wrote as a teenager - despite becoming huge hits - makes her feel uneasy as it reminds her of a time when she was a naive girl.

She explains, "It's funny, people still talk about My Immortal, and it's wonderful, it's so cool, but I was like 14 or 15 when that was happening. When I wrote Bring Me to Life I was 19. Imagine the things that you thought and the way that you spoke and things that you did when you were 19 years old. Even the way that you process relationships and everything, it grows from there. I'm a lot more mature and complex and I have a lot more to say...

"I'd be lying if I didn't admit there's stuff on Fallen or the one we did before that, Origin, that makes me cringe. It's embarrassing. Mainly the lyrical content, oh my God, it's like my old diary. But I can embrace that innocence because I'll never have that again, it's special."