Fearne Cotton is jealous of her husband Jesse Wood's musical talent.

The 35-year-old radio and television personality married the 40-year-old guitarist in 2014, and the blonde-haired beauty has admitted she wishes she could be as skilled with musical instruments as her spouse and her father-in-law Ronnie Wood.

Speaking about the one talent she yearns for to Stylist magazine, the style icon said: ''To be musical, I look at my husband [Jesse Wood] and my father-in-law [Ronnie Wood of The Rolling Stones] and they have this creative channel and it just flows. I don't have a musical bone in my body.''

Although Fearne wishes she had amazing vocals and was talented with a musical instrument in her hand, she would rather know what is in space and the content of Queen Elizabeth II's bag instead of how to sing.

She said: ''One's a very obvious thing: What is out there in space and infinity? Secondly, what the f**k is in the Queen's handbag?''

Meanwhile, Fearne is desperately trying to teach herself to ignore negative comments made about her, although she is a ''sensitive'' soul and can take some remarks to heart.

When asked what the hardest lesson for her to learn was, she said: ''To not worry about other people's judgment. I am a very sensitive person, which probably isn't conducive to being in the public eye. I have to push aside all of that and say, 'I'm happy just being who I am.' that's a continuous lesson for me.

''I don't understand the people who you give an inch and they take a mile.''