Fearne Cotton's marriage to Jesse Wood came under pressure during lockdown.

The 38-year-old TV presenter has admitted to rowing with her husband amid the coronavirus lockdown, as her family were ''stuck within four walls trying to survive''.

Fearne - who has Rex, seven, and Honey, four, with Jesse - shared: ''I am a very fiery ­person, and Jesse can also be quite fiery. We've certainly argued in front of the kids. Most parents have at some point.

''It's not regular but we have definitely had a pop at each other in front of them - and you don't feel good about it after.

''I've also shouted at my kids like I think most parents have, especially during lockdown.''

Fearne subsequently explained how the pandemic - and the government's restrictions - put a particular strain on families with young children.

The presenter - who has been married to Jesse since 2014 - said on her 'Happy Place' podcast: ''We have no school, full-time work for me, no help here ­whatsoever - like most families, you're just stuck within four walls trying to survive.

''It has been mad. We've all had a shout at each other, the kids have shouted at me, we've shouted at them. But I constantly endeavour to go, 'Fearne, don't act like a child, get yourself together'.

''Sometimes I will just walk out of the room, take a few breaths, and try again.''

Meanwhile, Fearne previously confessed she finds making parenting decisions to be ''debilitating''.

She explained: ''I am very indecisive, and it requires a lot of talking to other parents, my husband and professionals, to get an idea of what I should do.

''I find it sometimes debilitating, those decisions, and they can be tiny things, but I still find it very tricky because this is not just about me and something going wrong for me, this is other human beings that I am here to guide.''