Moviemaker Francis Ford Coppola gave his Bram Stoker's Dracula star Gary Oldman a coffin to help him prepare to play a 300-year-old vampire.

The actor was struggling to get into character during a pre-shoot retreat in Napa Valley, California and he asked the director for tips only to return home to Los Angeles and find a coffin on his doorstep.

He says, "I kept it in my garage. I think he wanted me to have sex in it. He kind of hinted at it.

"On a wild night... when I was a drinker back in the day, people just ended up at the house and when they were leaving, I wanted to impress them and I had a little switch inside the house and the garage door would open and the light would come on over the coffin and I said, 'Check this out...' They never came back!"