MALCOLM IN THE MIDDLE star Frankie Muniz is recovering after suffering a broken rib during a basketball game.

The 18-year-old actor admits his diminutive stance had a lot to do with his injury, which he sustained on Sunday (14NOV04).

He says, "I am small, everyone else in the league was like 6foot-3 and above. I was going for a loose ball and I grabbed the ball, I turned and the guy went into my back and I couldn't breath after that for a while.

"So I took myself out of the game, but then 45 seconds later went back in and played. I was hurting, but I didn't care.

"Then after I was like nauseous and in so much pain, I couldn't move and had to drive home. It was bad. I'm alright now."

And although Muniz has suffered such a serious injury, he's refusing to take any painkillers.

He adds, "I do not take any pain medicine - ever. It's a weird thing that I have. If I have a headache, people are always like, 'Take an ADVIL.' I just don't. I don't know why."

20/11/2004 02:22