Rocker Gary Lightbody avoided banning alcohol from his life after spiralling out of control with a booze problem - because he'll "never say never" to drinking again.
The Snow Patrol frontman binged on booze and became self-destructive, and he revealed in a 2008 interview that only an intervention from drummer Jonny Quinn made him realise he had issues with alcohol.
Lightbody soon cleaned up his lifestyle - but he admits he still occasionally drinks.
He tells Britain's Seven Days magazine, "I have calmed down a whole heap actually, not drinking anywhere near as much - just the odd night now and again - and staying well away from drugs.
"I think it's something that has been winding down in me for a while now. You should never say never because then you end up disappointing yourself and the guilt comes in.
"If I go out tonight and have a drink I am not going to beat myself up but I know I'm not going to because the tour is about to start."
But despite his reluctance to banish booze entirely from his life, Lightbody is adamant his gigs are an alcohol-free zone, adding, "That's another rule I have put on myself. I don't drink if I am touring because I feel awful going into a show with a hangover. It takes a long time during a gig to get into it. If you don't land on both feet giving it your all on the first song you're not giving people their money's worth and that is on me. I feel a responsibility.
"I have done for years, but it's not fair for the people who have paid in if I'm looking like I'm about to throw up so I just knocked it on the head."