Kiss are to live stream their last ever show.

The veteran rockers are bringing their stage career to an end with the finale of their 'The End of the Road Tour' at Madison Square Garden in New York City on December 2 and they have now revealed fans all over the world will be able to join them via pay-per-view to see the band rock out together one last time.

The band shared the news in a statement posted on Instagram which read: "50 years of Rock ‘n’ Roll. 1 Final Show. Rock out with @kissonline one last time! Their final concert ever, LIVE from @thegarden, streaming exclusively worldwide on PPV.COM."

Fans in the US and Canada will pay a one-off fee of $39.99 while international viewers will have to hand over $14.99 to watch the concert.

Kiss kicked off their final tour back in 2019 but was put on hold due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Earlier this year they confirmed their final show would take place in the Big Apple because it was where they started their career.

In a statement, they explained: "KISS was born in New York City. On 23rd Street. Half a century ago. It will be a privilege and an honour to finish touring at Madison Square Garden, 10 blocks and 50 years from where we first started."

Bassist Gene Simmons, 73, previously insisted he didn't know at what point the tour would end. He told Chaoszine magazine: "We don't know. We've never retired before. This is our first time. It's like painting a painting or writing a book. When somebody says, 'When is it gonna be finished?' You're in the middle of it; you don't know."