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reading your lips made me seasick. oh, by the way, george. i'm deaf. i'm one of the deaf who can hear music and dance. and no, i don't keep dancing when the music is done. i got a joke. "if reading george carlin's lips makes you seasick, you know you are not young anymore."

Posted 12 years 11 months ago by wanda garner

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We saw George Carlin last night and I fell a sleep during the proformance. He had to read his material from a typed script, he keep trying to keep straight. I felt rippied off over price tickets for a man who has lost the ablity to proform and is leaving us with regret for spend the money to see him. Not funny any more to bitter for words.

Posted 14 years 5 months ago by raerae

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My wife and I saw George Carlin last night.Feb 11, 2006 in Detroit.We saw him last in the early 80'sHe was the funniest comedian we have seen probably,and we have seen 100's. Our sides hurt from laughingthat night in the 80's.However last night Feb. 11, 2006 we were deeplysaddened by what his act has turned out to be.He obviously has some deep personal problems/issueswith live.He was so angry and bitter with life, I'm surprisedhe is still around.What happened to that poor man????

Posted 15 years 3 weeks ago by katbri6677

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