The mother of George Hamilton's six-year-old son has blasted the movie star for turning his back on the boy. KIMBERLY BLACKFORD, 36, enjoyed a torrid five-year romance with the permanently tanned star, during which their son GEORGE THOMAS was conceived. And now she's attacking Hamilton over his paternity skills, claiming he only visits his son 10 times a year. The former model tells US tabloid the National Enquirer, "You'd think that he'd be around to teach GT to ride a bike and to swim, and to go to his piano recitals and school assemblies - but he has missed all of them. "At the very least he should make sure we have a decent place to live... Our neighbourhood is so bad that GT can't just go outside to play. "If any child needs a father in his life it's my son." Blackford also claims multi-millionaire Hamilton pays only a small sum towards his son's upkeep - a claim his attorney, LYNNE SOODIK, disputes. She says, "George pays more child support than the court asked him to. For a year or more he's been paying all the boy's school fees and all his medical insurance."