The Jane the Virgin star shared the news of her new fashion endeavour on Instagram by posting a funny photo of herself using her teeth to pull on a lacy thong, alongside company CEO Catalina Girald.

But she insists the venture is about much more than just pretty underwear.

"My next adventure is the lingerie line that I am now a partner of and couldn't be more excited!" she writes in the caption. "Naja, is made for women by women and empowers beauty and independence. We employ single mothers in Colombia so they can not only provide but be in the home for their families. We also fund the education of our employees children (sic)."

The actress met Girald while shooting the online Orgullosa Series, titled Nine Up and Coming Nueva Latinas, and they bonded over their "passion for women's empowerment, body acceptance, and giving opportunities to underprivileged women".