Jennifer Aniston still finds it tough being a businesswoman.

The 'Meet The Millers' star, who is working with new beauty range Living Proof, says women still have to battle to prove themselves in what she believes is a male dominated world.

The 44-year-old actress told Stylist magazine: ''Think feminism is about being strong; it's about being confident and being able to say, 'I can do just as good a job as a man', when I think of feminism, I think of Gloria Steinem [American feminist] She's incredible. I'm lucky enough to [have met] her many times.''

The former 'Friends' star believes the secret to negotiating in business is knowing the power of the word ''no''.

For Jennifer it's important to ''have a bottom line'' but not be afraid of taking a risk.

She added: ''When I negotiate, I listen to my heart, not my head. When you listen to your gut and it says, 'Mmm, don't!' Then you do, it's just always ... it's just always to be trusted.''

Jennifer - who is engaged to actor Justin Theroux - admires anyone who has a plan, sets a goal and achieves it.

And she's most confident outside of the office in her painting overalls at home.

She added: ''When I'm designing, you know? I love decorating; I love creating homes that are cosy and I love to entertain. We love to have guests over.''