Hailee Steinfeld’s battle with adult acne has impacted her self-esteem.

The 23-year-old actress-and-singer has opened up about her “never-ending journey” with her skin and how “frustrating” it is when she needs to be on the red carpet and she is having a breakout.

Speaking to ELLE for their 'Beauty Truths' series, Hailee said: “I would definitely be lying if I said it hasn’t affected my self-esteem.

“Sometimes I will be like, I am going to have my make-up done, it won’t even matter it will be covered up.

“And then sometimes I’ve also felt like wearing make-up almost accentuates it more and brings more attention to it.

“Then I feel like I am trying to cover it up and you see it more.

“When it becomes the time to walk the red carpet, it’s frustrating. I’m on what feels like a never-ending journey with my skin.”

The ‘True Grit’ star says that stress is a major factor to causing her breakouts and her skin has improved tenfold since being in quarantine and having the time to “destress”.

She said: “Since quarantine started I’ve actually had time to relax and destress and I do feel like I’ve seen improvement in my skin.

“Just by taking the time to focus on me and eat clean food, drink a lot of water, stay as active as I can as safely as possible.

“The stress management is a real thing.”

The ‘Wrong Direction’ singer also admitted that it doesn’t help seeing “perfect” images on social media that have had blemishes edited out.

She added: "It definitely has been difficult for me scrolling through my phone and seeing all of these images that are perfect.

“Whether they are Facetuned or Photoshopped or not, it feels like everything that we see is quite literally perfect.”