Non-smoking singer/actor Harry Connick Jr. stunned himself during a recent trip to Paris when he found himself unable to resist puffing on a cigarette with French president Nicolas Sarkozy.
The star recently flew to the French capital to record a French and Italian version of the Beatles' And I Love Her with former model and French First Lady Carla Bruni.
Connick Jr. didn't count on Sarkozy sitting in on the studio session and admits he lost all sense of self control when he was offered a cigarette.
He says, "I was in Paris recently and everyone in France smokes. The president of my French record label goes to me, 'Do you smoke?' and I'm like, 'No, I try to take care of my voice'.
"I get into the studio and Carla is there and her husband Mr. Sarkozy is too and he goes, 'Do you smoke?' I'm like 'No...' (and reach for a cigarette). (I said), 'Thank you, thank you' and suddenly I'm smoking right along with him!
"I totally had an ethical value breakdown. I totally whored (sic) myself out! and I have no strength in those situations. As I'm declining a cigarette, I'm lighting the cigarette!"