A post-surgery shopping spree in cyberspace left singer Harry Connick Jr more than a little stunned because he couldn't remember buying any of the gifts as they arrived at his home. The smooth crooner was high on painkillers after a recent operation when he decided it was time to shop online. The It Had to Be You singer explains, "I had some surgery and I have to admit I understand how people become addicted to these pharmaceuticals that they prescribe after the surgery for killing pain. They're absolutely amazing. "I was in such a state while I was recovering from this surgery and the pain medication that I was on sort of took all the inhibitions out that I may have had. I found that I was ordering things online; big boxes of stuff would arrive at my house. "I had a box of 100 radio controlled cars. I ordered this Chinese guitar and it was like ten bucks. They also sent me some Chinese jade jewellery along with the guitar, so I got into that. So I have the cars, the guitars, the jade jewellery, it's a lot of crap. "It's difficult to store and also to explain to my wife or anyone who handles my finances, what you're doing with all the jade. But you can't beat it!"