Henry Cavill will be given "the most heroic sendoff" from 'The Witcher'.

The 39-year-old actor announced in October he was stepping down from the Netflix fantasy drama - based on Andrzej Sapkowski's book series - with Liam Hemsworth taking over as monster hunter Geralt of Rivia for the fourth season.

Reflecting on how his exit has shaped the upcoming third series, creator and showrunner Lauren Hissrich told Entertainment Weekly: "Henry has given so much to the show and so we want to honor that appropriately."

The episodes will also take inspiration from 'Time of Contempt', which is the fourth book in the 'Witcher' series.

She explained: "What is so interesting is that season 3, to me, is the closest thing that we've done as a one-to-one adaptation of the books.

"Obviously, we can't do every page, but Time of Contempt gave us so many big action events, plot points, defining character moments, huge reveals of a big bad.

"There's so much to do that we were able to stick really, really closely with the books."

Teasing what's to come, Hissrich - who also serves as the show's writer and producer - noted there are some big changes to come.

She added: "Geralt's big turn is about giving up neutrality and doing anything that he has to do to get to Ciri.

"And to me, it's the most heroic sendoff that we could have, even though it wasn't written to be that.

"Geralt has a new mission in mind when we come back to him in season four. He's a slightly different Geralt than we expected. Now, by the way, that's an understatement."

Back in October, Cavill revealed he was stepping down as he looked to reprise his role as Superman in DC Studios' big screen universe.

However, since then he has met with film bosses James Gunn and Peter Safran, and discovered the return was off the cards with the studio taking the iconic character in a different direction.

Sources have since told Entertainment Weekly that Cavill's recasting won't be reversed due to the recent development.