Hurts star Adam Anderson was once so exhausted during a gruelling tour of Europe, he fell asleep while performing onstage.

The British synth-pop duo was on tour across the continent for three years to promote its debut album Happiness but fatigue caught up with keyboard player Anderson in the middle of a show in Kiev, Ukraine.

He dozed off during slow song Unspoken - and it was down to singer Theo Hutchcraft to wake him up.

Anderson tells BBC Newsbeat, "I had a moment in Kiev. We've got this song called Unspoken - it'll disappoint some of our fans, it's a very emotional song but at that moment, I got tired... I think (Hutchcraft) woke me up by slapping (his) hand on the piano."

Hutchcraft adds, "There's a break in the middle where Adam doesn't play. It's just strings, but it must have been that bit."