Ivana Trump ensured her daughter IVANKA made a healthy profit from her recent wedding - by insisting all guests buy her gift vouchers from the socialite's jewellery store.
The former wife of tycoon Donald Trump asked those who attended her April (08) wedding to Rossano Rubicondi to buy the couple vouchers from the Madison Avenue, New York store called Ivanka Trump.
She reveals, "Instead of registering at Barneys or Crate + Barrel, I registered at my daughter Ivanka's jewellery boutique. I had gift certificates made up, and our friends called and donated anything from $500 (GBP250)to $5,000 (GBP2,500), which went into a pool for us."
But Trump and Rubicondi still ended up with a house full of gifts: "The 480 wedding gifts we received have filled up five rooms in our house.
"With the amount of food service items I received, I could feed 3,000 people. I need to buy a new house to fit all this stuff."