Czech beauty Ivana Trump is so infuriated by ex-husband Donald Trump's reality TV success, she's reportedly planning to launch a rival show of her own.

Property tycoon Donald won a new generation of fans when the first season of his show The Apprentice hit American TV screens earlier this year (04) - and pals say Ivana now thinks she could do a better job with her own series.

Sources tell America's STAR magazine that one premise for the show is GIRLS ON TOP, with men trying to date successful women.

Ivana's friend VIVIAN SEROTA says, "Seeing the success Donald is having with The Apprentice fuelled Ivana's desire to do her own show and has given her the impetus to move forward with it."

And Ivana - who has two children with Trump, whom she divorced in 1990 after 13 years of marriage - is reportedly hoping her show will go up against the second season of Donald's series on a rival network this autumn (04).

19/04/2004 09:30