Jean Michel Jarre wants his next gig to be out of this world - the electro-pop pioneer is adamant he will one day perform on the moon.
The French star believes he is destined to become the first artist to play a lunar concert after 2001: A Space Odyssey author Arthur C. Clarke told him he saw a vision of the gig before his death in 2008.
And Jarre is keen to ask airways entrepreneur Richard Branson, who owns space tourism business Virgin Galactic, to help him carry out the mission.
He tells Scotland's Daily Record, "(I) became friends (with Clarke) when I found out he'd written 2010: Odyssey Two (while) listening to my music. In fact my world tour is a tribute to him.
"Before he died, he was always telling me, 'One day you will do a concert on the moon'. I said, 'Arthur be serious - it's not possible to do that'. He said, 'It's possible. I won't see it but maybe you will do it'.
"Certainly Richard Branson seems to be equipped to take care of the flight and to carry my equipment. I'd love to play on the moon!"