Jeff Daniels has secured his television legacy with last night's best 'Lead Actor in a Drama Series' Emmy awards victory. The 58 year-old has had an outstanding year in television with political drama The Newsroom but came up against some stiff competition from Breaking Bad's Bryan Cranston, House of Cards' Kevin Spacey, Homeland's Damian Lewis and Mad Men's Jon Hamm.

Jeff Daniels
Jeff Daniels Festoons His Amazing Career With A Coveted Emmy Win.

Though Daniels may have seemed like a long shot for the prestigious award, his success goes to show that it's not always the more publicised actors who go on to win big at the annual television industry awards.

Cranston had been the favourite for the evening's award; with Breaking Bad airing its final episodes, it seemed fitting that the actor in his three-time Emmy role would score a home run with yet another award to bring his time on the series to a close.

Jeff Daniels Emmys
Jeff Struggled To Hide His Surprise.

After his name was read out by Aaron Sorkin, Daniels, who plays news anchor Will McAvoy on the HBO series, looked as shocked as everybody else in the room when he went up to collect his shining trophy. "Well, crap," the actor began his acceptance speech as he studied his golden Emmy.

Speaking to press after his acceptance speech, Daniels spoke of the surprise his unexpected win had brought him as well as the honor of working in television: "I've been neutral about this whole thing. I've been nominated a bunch of times - Google it - enough to not lean towards it, or hope too much," he said.

Bryan Cranston
Who'd've Thought It? Bryan Cranston Has To Share 'Best Drama' With The Rest Of The BB Cast.

"There were six of us nominated, and there easily could have been 10 other guys where we were. It's a really crowded time to be in television, and a great time to be in television. I felt the work [on The Newsroom] stood up to what the other guys were doing, but we're all doing different things. It's anybody's win. I was happy to win, but surprised because it could have been anyone," he said humbly.

Daniels has recently revealed that his hit newsroom drama will be back for a third season. Furthermore, and more excitingly, his return as Harry Dunne alongside Jim Carrey's Lloyd Christmas in the long-awaited Dumber and Dumber sequel, entitled Dumb and Dumber To.

Bryan Cranston Aaron Paul
Breaking Bad's Cast Secured Two Emmy Wins.

"Tomorrow I'm going to get on a plane and start shooting Dumb and Dumber To," Daniels announced to a press room full of laughter, adding "The intellectual free fall from Will McAvoy." For Daniels, seems like the only way is up...