Sugarland stars Jennifer Nettles and Kristian Bush are offering up their recollection of events that led up to the Indiana State Fair tragedy last year (11), which cost seven fans their lives, as part of an ongoing investigation into the stage collapse drama.
Nettles gave a deposition on Thursday (12Apr12) and spoke about what she knew about staging and weather conditions prior to the group's scheduled concert on 13 August, 2011, and Bush is expected to give his account on Friday (13Apr12).
Officials from two organisations hired to complete an investigation of the incident have cited improper construction of the stage rigging and inadequate emergency preparations for the tragedy.
Structural expertise organisation Thornton Thomasetti vice president Scott Nacheman has told lawmakers the stage rigging was not built to withstand the windspeeds required by the building codes.
He tells The Indianapolis Star newspaper a maximum wind gust of 59 miles-per-hour brought the stage and rigging crashing down.
But Sugarland's management has also been singled out for blame, with Indiana State Fair executive director Cindy Hoye revealing that the duo's tour manager would not delay the concert, despite warnings of a severe thunderstorm.
Prior to Nettles' deposition on Thursday, the duo released a statement, which read, "In all the back-and-forth between the lawyers, the suggestion's been made that we've somehow been trying to avoid having to answer questions about last summer's terrible tragedy. This is simply not true.
"There is no one who wants to get to the bottom of what happened more than we do, which is why we're ready, willing, and able to give these depositions... The judge has put limits on what can be discussed, but within those limits, we intend to be as honest and open as we can. We want all the facts to come out, not only for the sake of all the victims and their loved ones, but also so we can make sure that nothing like this ever happens again."