He's pretty excellent at playing distinctly unlikeable characters on screen and on stage, but Jesse Eisenberg proved he was all heart in reality when he stopped to confront some anti-gay protestors in London over the weekend as he pushed his rented bicycle across the street.

Jesse EisenbergJesse Eisenberg stands up for gay rights with five words

The 'Batman v Superman' star was enjoying the UK city, taking a break from his play on London's West End 'The Spoils' during London Gay Pride on Saturday (June 25th 2016), when he came across a small group of anti-gay protesters claiming that God hates gay people. In a nutshell. Understandably, Eisenberg seemed pretty shocked to be faced with such outdated opinions and stared with a dumbfounded smirk before confronting one of the protestors with a well-deserved expletive.

'Is your mind closed?' The homophobe told a startled Eisenberg, who sniggered from the irony. 'Is my mind closed? Dude, you're so f***ed up', was his awesome response.

He had just been listening to a sermon explaining both that 'God is love' and 'God isn't love' in equal measure. 'You'll really never know that God is love until you understand the justice of God. You've firstly got to understand that God is just', the protestor stated through his megaphone. 'It's all very well saying that God is a God of love. We will agree: God is a God of love. But he's also a God of justice. God has his laws. We live in a country where we would say it would be unjust if criminals were not punished.'

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You can see why Jesse Eisenberg got so irate. 

It turned out to be merely a blip though, as the rest of the weekend was packed with joy, pride, love and kindness. 'Absolutely Fabulous' stars Jennifer Saunders and Joanna Lumley were seen enjoying the festivities in Trafalgar Square and a video featuring an on-duty police officer proposing to his boyfriend at the sidelines went viral.