Jessica Brown Findlay "wouldn't survive" extreme fame.

The 33-year-old actress insists she's opened-minded about future roles - but Jessica loves that she's still able to enjoy a "normal life".

Jessica - who is perhaps best known for starring in 'Downton Abbey' - shared: "I’d never want to do something that means I couldn’t have a normal life. I think the idea of extreme fame, I just know it wouldn’t work for me. I wouldn’t survive that kind of thing; I can’t handle that."

Despite this, Jessica would be intrigued about the prospect of starring in a Marvel movie.

Asked about the possibility, she told The Independent: "Being an actor, the idea of being employed in general is wonderful. So there’s always that.

"So, I’d never just say no. If the writing’s good and the people behind it are impassioned, I think there’s a great opportunity. I just love my job, and if people love the result of my version of going to work, then that’s the dream."

Meanwhile, Jessica recently revealed that she struggled to book acting jobs during her pregnancy.

The actress announced her pregnancy in September, after undergoing IVF treatment, but Jessica admitted that she hasn't been able to work as much as she hoped.

Jessica - who married Ziggy Heath in 2020 - explained: "I hoped to work more this side of having babies, but you can't. It is very hard to insure pregnant women on set – and since COVID it's become even harder because you are considered even higher risk ... It's shocking."

In March, Jessica opened up about her IVF journey in a social media post to mark International Women’s Day.

She said at the time: "IVF has made me more even aware of just how much women are capable of and what we can achieve whilst going through pain and heart break."