Review of Key Of C Single by Jim Noir

Jim Noir
Key Of C
Single Review

Jim Noir Key Of C Single

I have two possible theories on listening to this song; Either Jim Noir is taking way too many drugs, or I'm not doing enough. Either way, there's some very inventive and blessed-out melon-twisting going on here, something that the music scene has been tragically missing of late, what with the massive (and label bankroll-friendly) influx of weep-rock and indie miserablism clogging up the charts right now.

"Key of C" however, is about as far away from that on the scale as its possible to go. A lament to Noir's favourite but over-used chord, it sounds exactly like Lemon Jelly and The Stone Roses jamming in an ice cream van after too many "special" cigarettes. It really should be a load of rubbish. But anything that makes you smile this much so easily must be anything but. In fact it's a precious commodity these days. Pure British eccentricity has never sounded so good.

Sam Richardson

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