A long-running battle between musicians has finally been settled, not in the charts but through the courts. A three-month long planning row between rock star neighbours Robbie Williams and Jimmy Page was decided in favour of the Led Zeppelin guitarist.

Former Take That singer Williams has ditched plans to add a huge extension to his £17.5 million Grade II-listed London property, including excavating and building a huge two-storey basement. 71 year old Page had fiercely contested the proposal by appealing to the local council on the grounds that it would affect that foundations of his Grade I-listed home.

Jimmy Page
Led Zeppelin guitarist Jimmy Page has won his building dispute with Robbie Williams

Page has maintained the interior of The Tower House, filled with intricate paintings and carvings on its walls, for more than four decades since he bought the property. He hired a series of architects and engineers to build a counter-argument that would prevent Williams’ next-door construction plans from going ahead on the basis that it would degrade the house and its contents.

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Indeed, the restorative works that Page has carried out on the historic property have been described by the English Heritage as “exemplary”. A strongly worded letter to the council followed earlier this month, warning that “the consequences for the building fabric and decorative finish of The Tower House may well be catastrophic.” Page’s efforts would seem to have swung the battle in his favour.

Robbie Williams
Defeated: Robbie Williams is believed to have withdrawn his application

41 year old Williams, believed to be worth in excess of £120 million, moved into the neighbouring property Woodland House, formerly owned by the late film director Michael Winner, in 2013. He lives there with his wife Ayda Field (35) and his two children Theodora Rose (2) and Charlton Valentine (4 months).

He had planned to excavate the basement of the 46 room property in order to make space for a recording studio and an indoor swimming pool. In light of the verdict, Williams is believed to have withdrawn his application.

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