A fourth, un-named British celebrity has been implicated in the Jimmy Savile sex scandal.

Last week, ITV screened a documentary about the former TV star’s alleged abuse of underage and vulnerable children and since then, further allegations of abuse have been made by Savile’s alleged victims. Savile himself died last year, though both Gary Glitter, 68 (already known as a child sex offender) and Freddie Starr, 69 have been accused of being connected, in some way, to Savile’s abuse. Starr has strenuously denied any involvement.

The new TV celebrity to have been implicated in the allegations is also still alive, the Telegraph reports, though their identity has so far not been revealed. A member of the documentary’s production team said “We have had a name given to us which is so far not in the public domain. It relates to a celebrity, a media personality, who is alive. We are urging everyone who contacts us to go straight to the police.” Ten different police forces have been supplied with information regarding Jimmy Savile’s; the latest accusations reveal that he may have abused sick children at both Broadmoor and Leeds General Infirmary Hospitals.

The BBC are under pressure to investigate claims that senior staff there were aware of abuse claims against Sir Jimmy Savile at the time, but turned a blind eye, because of the power that he had within the corporation. The BBC Director General, George Entwhistle has defended the actions of the BBC since the scandal broke, saying “we went straight to the police with this as soon as we had a sense of the scale of what had been going on… I’m entirely convinced that I’ve done all the right things, yes, yes.” Jimmy Savile’s grave had the headstone removed yesterday out of respect for the families of other people buried there.