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After Operation Yewtree Arrest, Fresh Start For Freddie Starr With Wedding No. 5, Wife No. 4

Freddie Starr

Despite having been arrested last year in Operation Yewtree, the investigation into Jimmy Savile and enquiries related to him, 70 year old Freddie Starr has got married again. His new wife, 34 year old Sophie Lea, is Starr's fourth wife and she's carrying his 5th child.

Starr was arrested for allegations against him that claimed he had tried to molest a 14 year old girl in Savile's dressing room during the '70s. The initial claim was made on an ITV documentary by a woman named Karin Ward. Starr said he'd never met her, but repealed that statement when footage from the show Clunk Click proved otherwise. 

The comedian hasn't been charged with the offence and was released on police bail. He has since claimed to feel like the Yorkshire Ripper in relation to the accusations, adding that his life was "ruined". His new marriage proves that not everyone judges him for the allegations made and that his life isn't ruined. Sophie Lea may be his 4th wife but he has been married 5 times. He married his third wife twice... and also divorced her twice. Perhaps his new wife and new baby can act as a fresh start for him. 

Police Clutch Evidence Bags After Searching Jim Davidson's Home

Jim Davidson Jimmy Savile Freddie Starr Gary Glitter Max Clifford

The comedian Jim Davidson has been forced to pull out of Celebrity Big Brother after he was arrested at Heathrow airport in connection with the Jimmy Savile sex abuse scandal. The entertainer was due to appear on the Channel 5 reality series - which begins tonight (January 3, 2012) - though took the decision to pull out after he was questioned by detectives.

Plain clothes officers searched his £900,000 Georgian home in the Hampshire village of Stockbridge and were seen leaving with plastic evidence bags and brown envelopes. In a statement, the former host of Big Break and The Generation Game said he "vigorously denies" the allegations, which reportedly date back around 25 years. On his blog in October, Davidson wrote, "The Savile witch hunt is going a bit silly now. We all are starting to speculate and accuse ... even in jest. So no, I don't know who's next. Everyone has had the nod. Everyone is an expert. Just pick someone you don't like and say it's them. As odd as he was, Savile can't defend himself. The bloke's dead for God's sake. Let's move on." Other high profile names arrested as part of the investigation into sexual abuse include comedian Freddie Starr, Gary Glitter and Max Clifford. They all strenuously deny the allegations levelled against them. 

David's solicitor Henri Brandman said "Two women have made allegations in respect of Jim that date back approximately 25 years. The complainants were then in their mid-twenties. Jim vigorously denies the allegations."

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Operation Yewtree: Man Arrested In London For Sexual Offences, Unrelated To Jimmy Savile

Jimmy Savile Freddie Starr Max Clifford Gary Glitter

Another arrest has been made in relation to Operation Yewtree; the widespread police investigation into alleged sexual offences, sparked by the revelations regarding Jimmy Savile’s alleged former crimes against underage girls throughout his career at the BBC. According to BBC News, a man in his 60s was arrested at 6:45am (December 10, 2012) on suspicion of sexual offences and taken to a South London police station. He has been bailed until next month.

The man arrested today is the seventh to have been questioned as part of the operation and is the sixth to have been arrested. Some of those men have been high profile public figures, such as the DJ Dave Lee Travis, the comedian Freddie Starr, the PR consultant Max Clifford and the former TV presenter Wilfred De’Ath. They have all denied any wrongdoing. The musician Gary Glitter was also arrested but has not yet made a statement.

Operation Yewtree is divided into three strands: offences related to Jimmy Savile, offences related to Jimmy Savile and others and offences unrelated to Savile. Today's arrest, according to Scotland Yard, was “not connected to the allegations made against the late BBC presenter.” The identity of the man arrested today has not been revealed by Scotland Yard.

Max Clifford Faces Police Questions On Two Separate Sex Offences

Max Clifford Jimmy Savile Freddie Starr Gary Glitter

PR guru Max Clifford may need to use all the publicist expertise at his disposal to get himself out of this one, having been questioned by police about two separate sex offence allegations some eight years apart.

Mr Clifford, 69, is best known for keeping the images of such people as Kerry Katona and Katie Price their shiniest, but is now facing an up hill challenge to keep his own reputation in check. The publicist has told the press that the allegations he is facing have nothing to do with children, but revealed that he is not allowed to discuss his 12 hours of questioning any further. Clifford's summonings into police custody came yesterday morning (Dec 6) by officers working on the Jimmy Savile sex abuse inquiry that has dominated the headlines since the deceased TV presenter's sordid past emerged.

Following his mammoth questioning session, Clifford was quick to deny any and all of the accusations he is facing, telling the crowd of reporters outside his Surrey home earlier today (Dec 7) "I have nothing to hide."

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Fifth Man Questioned In Jimmy Savile Abuse Investigation - Identity Unknown

Jimmy Savile Gary Glitter Freddie Starr

A fifth man is being questioned, under caution, in connection with the ongoing Jimmy Savile sex abuse scandal, The Telegraph reports today (November 29, 2012). The man, in his 80’s and known to be from Berkshire, has not been named. Already, four other men have been questioned in relation to the case and all four have denied any involvement. Those men are the musician Gary Glitter (who already has past convictions for paedophilia), the comedian Freddie Starr, the DJ Dave Lee Travis and another man in his 70s, believed to be the TV producer William De’Ath.

The inquiry into the widespread scandal, which has brought the repute of the BBC into question, is being led by Scotland Yard and has been named Operation Yewtree. Around 450 potential victims are currently being spoken to by officers involved in the investigation, the “majority” of whom claim that they were the victims of Jimmy Savile’s sexual abuse.

The allegations against Savile first came to light in an ITV documentary. Since it aired, hundreds of alleged victims have contacted police to help them with their inquiry. It also came to light that a planned BBC documentary on the matter had been shelved, for unclear reasons. The scandal led to the resignation of the BBC’s director general, George Entwhistle. He has been replaced by the appointment of Lord Tony Hall.

Freddie Starr, Claridge's Hotel and Harley Street - Freddie Starr leaving Claridge's Hotel to head to Harley Street to give an interview to deny recent claims made against him Wednesday 21st November 2012 Featuring: Freddie Starr Where: London, United Kingdom

Freddie Starr, Claridge's Hotel and Harley Street

Freddie Starr Arrested In Conjunction With Jimmy Savile Case: Operation Yewtree

Freddie Starr Jimmy Savile

Freddie Star has been arrested as Met police continue to carry out the Jimmy Savile Case, Operation Yewtree, Channel 4 News reports.

The Metropolitan Police issued a statement saying "officers working on operation Yewtree have this evening, Thursday 1 November, arrested a man in his 60s in connection with the investigation. The man, from Warwickshire, was arrested at approximately 17.45 hrs on suspicion of sexual offences, and has been taken into police custody locally." The first arrest made under Yewtree was that of Gary Glitter, who was bailed on Sunday (October, 28). Star had previously denied ever meeting Karin Ward, the woman who alleged that he had molested her during the filming of the Jimmy Savile BBC show Clunk Click, but subsequent footage runs contrary to this. A statement issued by his lawyers reads: "Freddie is now 69 and cannot be expected to recollect every show that he has appeared on and to remember every person that he has met," and continues to state: "When the allegation made by Karin Ward was put to him Freddie's first reaction was that he would never grope a women and never has.”

Operation Yewtree’s senior officer has broken down the lines of enquiries into three distinct categories to help deal with the multitude of allegations: Savile on his own; Savile and others; and others. In its statement today, the Met said "The individual falls under the strand of the investigation we have termed 'Savile and others'."

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Esther Rantzen Shops Three 'high Profile BBC Employees' To Jimmy Savile Police

Esther Rantzen Gary Glitter Jimmy Savile Freddie Starr

Gary Glitter has returned home on bail after being the first person to be arrested in the Jimmy Savile sex abuse inquiry. The 1970s glam rocker, who has served time for child sex crimes, was detained at his London home on suspicion of unspecified "sexual offences", reports The Daily Telegraph.

Glitter, 68, real name Paul Gadd, was taken for interview at Charing Cross Police Station before being released 10 hours later until mid-December pending further inquiries. Police have made no secret of their intention to go after those who may have had knowledge of Savile's sex abuse - or partook in it themselves - with a radio producer, a photographer and a driver now of interest to the investigation team. Esther Rantzen, the broadcaster and founder of ChildLine, has passed emails to police containing sexual allegations against three "high profile" BBC employees, all of whom are still alive. The Met Police did not confirm what led to Glitter's arrest, though rumours suggest it is linked to an incident with a 13-year-old girl in Savile's dressing room at BBC Television Centre. Among those likely to be questioned by police is Freddie Starr, the comedian who was the subject of a claim that he tried to molest a 14-year-old girl in Savile's dressing room.

Meanwhile, the late television star's cottage in the Scottish Highlands was covered in abusive graffiti overnight on Saturday. 

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Fourth TV Celebrity Implicated In Jimmy Savile Sex Abuse Scandal

Jimmy Savile Gary Glitter Freddie Starr

A fourth, un-named British celebrity has been implicated in the Jimmy Savile sex scandal.

Last week, ITV screened a documentary about the former TV star’s alleged abuse of underage and vulnerable children and since then, further allegations of abuse have been made by Savile’s alleged victims. Savile himself died last year, though both Gary Glitter, 68 (already known as a child sex offender) and Freddie Starr, 69 have been accused of being connected, in some way, to Savile’s abuse. Starr has strenuously denied any involvement.

The new TV celebrity to have been implicated in the allegations is also still alive, the Telegraph reports, though their identity has so far not been revealed. A member of the documentary’s production team said “We have had a name given to us which is so far not in the public domain. It relates to a celebrity, a media personality, who is alive. We are urging everyone who contacts us to go straight to the police.” Ten different police forces have been supplied with information regarding Jimmy Savile’s; the latest accusations reveal that he may have abused sick children at both Broadmoor and Leeds General Infirmary Hospitals.

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Jimmy Savile Scandal: Freddie Starr Accused Of Groping Teen In BBC Dressing Room

Freddie Starr Jimmy Savile

Freddie Starr has described Sir Jimmy Savile as “despicable.” The comedian Freddie Starr has been implicated in the latest string of allegations about Jimmy Savile’s sexual abuse against underage girls. Sophie Lea, 34, has waived her right to anonymity and has accused Starr of “groping” her in Jimmy Savile’s BBC dressing room, during the filming of an episode of ‘Clunk Click,’ The Press Association reports. She also claims to have been sexually abused by Savile.

Starr strongly refutes Sophie’s claims, though his initial insistence that he was not even at the recording of the show were proved wrong when Channel 4 News showed him clearly on the show, sitting just a short way from Ms Ward. After that discovery was made, Starr claimed that he could not remember being on the show, because he had been on so many but insists that he would “never ever ever touch an underage girl” and states that he never allowed people into his dressing room. When asked what he thought of Jimmy Savile, Freddie Starr said “I think he's abused his position. Despicable. There's no words to say about what that man's done and the way he conducted himself. That man's disgusting.”

Starr then claimed that he was suffering from palpitations, as a result of the ensuing media storm and was having to go to hospital for a check-up. He described Ms Lea’s claims as “false accusations” and said that he wants to be interviewed by police, to clear his name.

Sir Jimmy Savile Branded A ‘National Disgrace’

Jimmy Savile Freddie Starr Janet Street Porter Gary Glitter

Sir Jimmy Savile has been branded a “national disgrace” by comedian Freddie Starr in light of the recent allegations that the former entertainer and philanthropist sexually abused under-aged girls.

Starr’s statement came after he was accused of joining the late Saville and proven paedophile Gary Glitter in a three-way dressing room attack on a girl during the seventies, with Starr insisting that he had nothing to do with the attacka and that he has never abused a girl in his life. Starr also claimed that he and Savile had never been friends and had only met him on a few occasions. Speaking to The Mirror he insisted: “We moved in different circles, and I never, ever joined them in a BBC dressing room.”

Yesterday, the father of six said that the ordeal he is being dragged into is putting his already deteriorating health at risk, with the comic having undergone a triple bypass in 2010 after suffering a heart attack. Now Starr wants to be distanced as far away from the allegations as possible should his health be risked any further.

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Freddie Starr - Freddie Starr and guest Arrivals. London, England - British Comedy Awards held at the Fountain Studios - Friday 16th December 2011

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