John Legend prefers natural eyebrows.

The 'All of Me' hitmaker famously told 'Sports Illustrated' beauty Chrissy Teigen to grow out her brows when the pair first started dating and whilst he admits it is something she will ''never let him forget'', he insists brows are better off natural.

He shared: ''She will never let me forget that! That was right when we first start dating.

''But I think closer to natural looks better to me, most of the time. Every woman is different though, embrace what's most comfortable for you.''

The 36-year-old singer also opened up about his own style, revealing his three must-have fashion items.

He told InStyle magazine: ''Every guy (and woman) should have a nice leather jacket, it elevates every outfit if you have the right jacket. In New York especially, I always want to wear a nice overcoat to get through the winter, you can wear them so many times and they make every outfit better.

''Shoes are important, of course, I love my Lanvin sneakers - they go with a lot of things. And then I think a nice bag is great, so you carry your computer or whatever else in style. I've been carrying a Tom Ford backpack lately.''