The Ice Age star portrays a shady dealer in Bieber's latest promo, and his three kids were invited to join the cast of extras during their time onset. However, they failed to make the final cut.

"I did it (the video) for my kids because my kids are big fans of Bieber, so I brought them to the set," Leguizamo tells U.S. breakfast show Today. "He was really nice to them, took photos with them and whatnot...

"They got cut out. It's my son's first time being cut out of a flick... I just let him watch (the final edit). He goes, 'But I was there for four or five hours, what happened?' I said, 'I don't know man, it happens to me all the time!'"

Leguizamo hopes the experience will turn his children off the idea of following their dad into showbusiness - or at least teach them how to accept rejection.

He explains, "That way they don't want to be actors! Nobody explained it to me when I was cut out of flicks. I'd go to the premiere and all of a sudden I'm not in the movie! It was shocking man, it was such a shock. But I'm over it now!"