John Malkovich was the victim of an unwanted sexual advance during his teenage years.

The 66-year-old actor - who recently starred in a play inspired by the disgraced Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein - has revealed he has first-hand experience of sexual harassment.

He shared: ''When I was young, I had a professor in the theatre department who made some advances that were unwanted.

''I was 19, he was in his 50s.

''I just said it wasn't my thing, sorry. It was someone I was fond of and I liked.

''So life went on. I did transfer schools, but not really because of that.''

However, Malkovich - who played a character based on Weinstein in 'Bitter Wheat' - stressed that his own experience was markedly different to that of Weinstein's victims.

The 'Burn After Reading' star said: ''The Weinstein situation is very different. It was transactional. It's terrible for women, but it's horrific also just for the idea of work.''

Malkovich actually felt ''shocked'' when the former producer was handed a prison sentence for sexual abuse crimes.

Weinstein, 68, was sentenced to 23 years behind bars by a New York City judge earlier this year, and Malkovich confessed it's something he never imagined happening, despite the wave of sexual abuse allegations made against him.

He said: ''I was shocked he even got a sentence. I don't know anybody who believed he would go to jail.''

The initial allegations made against Weinstein ignited the #MeToo movement, a campaign geared towards fighting the sexual harassment and sexual assault of women.

But Malkovich thinks it's too early to determine whether the movement will leave a long-lasting impression on the movie industry.

He added: ''It's a terrible thing if somebody's job depends on what sexual favour they will give in return for work.''

Asked if that was previously the culture of the film business, Malkovich replied: ''Sure.''