When the news that former reality star Jon Gosselin had lost everything and was now living in a cabin in the woods, earning a living waiting on tables, there was obviously going to be renewed interest in him. This meant an influx of paparazzi reintroduced into his life, a reintroduction that Gosselin apparently wanted no part of whatsoever.

Jon Gosselin
Gosselin seemingly isn't enjoying being back in the limelight

According to a report from TMZ - who have photos of Jon brandishing a gun at the alleged scene - the father of eight made sure that a trailing photographer wasn't going to carry on following him, as he apparently pulled out his gun and threatened the female pap. It all happened on Friday, 20 September, in Beckersville, Pennsylvania, when the freelance photographer decided to wait outside Gosselin's work until he finished, and then followed him home in a bid to catch some photos of the new dwellings. What she got was something much more exciting, and life-threatening.

Jon Gosselin bank
His life has changed dramatically since his divorce

The photographer confessed that she followed him all the way into a rural part of the town, leaving the main road and joining a dirt path, one that she assumed was a public road. It wasn't, and Gosselin exercised all his rights when he finally clocked on to the now-trespassing photographer. When the unnamed photographer began snapping away, Gosselin allegedly span his car around and drove aggressively towards her, exiting his vehicle and then pulling a gun from the back of his trousers.

She continued, saying that Jon started yelling at her for trespassing, and then fired a warning shot, at which point the paparazzo turned around and fled. Apparently, Jon then got back in his car and followed her until she re-entered the main road. The photographer now claims that she will file a report with local police. Jon has been unavailable to comment on the supposed incident.

Jon Gosselin no prisoners
The photographer plans on filing a police report against Jon