Joni Mitchell's friend will continue to make her medical decisions.

The 71-year-old singer suffered a brain aneurism in March, and though she is on the road to recovery, Superior Court Judge David Cunningham III ruled yesterday (08.07.15) that her pal Leslie Morris should remain as her conservator, with the authority to oversee medical care for the 'Clouds' star.

Leslie - who was appointed to the conservator role in May - does not have any control over her friend's finances, and Joni has retained her ability to vote, the judge stated.

A court-appointed attorney confirmed the folk singer is expected to make a full recovery, so the judge advised the conservatorship may not be needed for much longer, the New York Post newspaper reports.

The ruling comes days after Joni's attorney said the 'Big Yellow Taxi' singer has made ''remarkable progress'' and is recovering well at home.

Her attorney, Rebecca J. Thyne, said: ''When I arrived [at her house], she was seated at her kitchen table feeding herself lunch.

''She also told me that she receives excellent care from caregivers round-the-clock. It was clear that she was happy to be home and that she has made remarkable progress. She has physical therapy each day and is expected to make a full recovery.''

And a statement approved by Leslie last month said Joni had regained her speech and was having daily therapy.

It read: ''Joni is speaking, and she's speaking well. She is not walking yet, but she will be in the near future as she is undergoing daily therapies. She is resting comfortably in her own home and she's getting better each day. A full recovery is expected.''