It’s no secret that fans of ‘How I Met Your Mother’ weren't exactly overjoyed at how the series ended. After following the love life of Ted Moseby for nine years viewers, couldn’t help but feel a little cheated when it was revealed that the ‘mother’ had already died and Ted was about to end up with Robin again after all. But now a video claiming to be the 'alternative ending' to the series has leaked online, ahead of the release of 'How I Met Your Mother: The Whole Story, Seasons 1-9' DVD box set.

How I Met Your Mother'How I Met Your Mother' ended earlier this year after nine seasons

Now, here’s another spoiler alert, in this ending Tracy (the mother) doesn't die from a terminal illness, instead she remains happily married to Ted, while Robin and Barney also stay together. This 'alternative'  ending features no unseen footage, instead it just wraps things up in a much happier manner with narration provided by Bob Saget.

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“When I think how lucky I am to wake up next to your mom every morning I can’t help but be amazed at how easy it all really was,” Ted explains, before a flashback video condensing all nine seasons of the show is shown. As we know, it really wasn’t that easy at all for Ted, that is until he gets to the part where he meets Tracy and her yellow umbrella at Barney and Robin's wedding.

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Back in April when the final episode aired, creators Cater Bays and Craig Thomas felt the wrath of angry fans over Twitter who voiced their displeasure. Bays later tweeted, "If you didn't like the finale, I guess that happens. We tried something and it didn't connect with you. I hope we're still friends."

The video of the 'alternative ending' has since been removed from Youtube due to 'copyright infringement.' While its authenticity is yet to be proven it is believed to be the genuine alternate ending which will feature on the DVD box set later this month.