Jourdan Dunn shunned a tough diet-and-exercise regime before the Victoria's Secret show last week.

The British model admitted she opted to indulge in her favourite foods ahead of the fashion spectacular, whereas the majority of the other models embark on intensive workouts and carefully-planned meals.

She said: ''I didn't do much extra exercise, and if anything, I've been trying to put more junk in my trunk because Victoria's Secret is all about celebrating a womanly body, so I even had a KFC the other day.''

Jourdan's attitude is in contrast to Erin Heatherton, who admits she limits her treats in the run up to the show.

She explained to Grazia magazine: ''You don't want to eat three cupcakes because you're going to be in your underwear soon - so it's probably not the best idea.

''I stick to little meals throughout the day. The best thing is to start the day with protein, like egg-white omelette and avocado for breakfast, then lots of shrimp and fish for lunch and dinner.

''I also try not to eat too many sweets - some dark chocolate is fine and some fruit.''