Julie Taymor has slammed her former creative partners who were involved in the Bono musical 'Spiderman: Turn Off the Dark'. According to the Los Angeles Times, Julie Taymor has revealed in court papers that she is the victim of a conspiracy which led to her being forced out from the production.
This defence comes after a countersuit from the show's producers in a legal battle over the financial rewards from the show, the most expensive in Broadway's history. In a statement, her team highlighted: 'While secretly conspiring to oust Taymor and use and change her work without pay, the producers also fraudulently induced Taymor to continue working and to diligently make improvements'.
Taymor was originally the director of the show but then was fired in March after months of critical onslaught, accidents on stage and delays in the show's production. The show had opened to the public in June 2011 and has since become a financial hit, but possibly for the wrong reasons. In November 2011, Taymor established a copyright infringement lawsuit against former co-book writer Glen Berger and show producers Michael Cohl and Jeremiah J. Harris. She claims that her creative rights have been violated and that she still has not been compensated for her work. This lead to the countersuit in January 2012 by the producers, which argued that her claims are baseless.
The producers' spokesmen have declined to comment on the issue. 'Spiderman: Turn off the Dark' is currently on stage in Broadway.