Julie Taymor, the former director of the ill-fated Spiderman Broadway show has successfully sued the shows producers for "hundreds of thousands of dollars", says a report on the Bbc News website today (February 17, 2012). Taymor claimed that she was owed money from the producers, saying that she was not compensated for the work that she did for the show, before she was dismissed. Her dismissal came after the show suffered lengthy delays, highly publicized cast injuries and poor reviews.
The ruling states that Taymor will be paid $10,000 (6,300) per week in royalties, from the start of the November 2010 previews until the end of its run. This could prove incredibly lucrative for Taymor, as there are no current plans for the Broadway show to close. The show features music from U2's Bono and The Edge and appears to have overcome its initial troubles. Taymor's union representative from the Stage Directors and Choreographers Society stated "We are hopeful that any remaining issues between the producer and Ms Taymor regarding her role as author can also be resolved to the satisfaction of all," referring to further legal action that Taymor is taking with regards to her role as the creator of the show and co-author of the book.
On December 21, 2010, Huffington Post reported that the cast of the show had seen its fourth accident in a month, when one of the actors fell 30ft into a stage pit. Christopher W. Tierney suffered broken ribs and internal bleeding as a result of the incident, which was widely publicized and was damaging to the show's reputation at the time.