So we know who’s going to be on the cover; it’s Kate Upton. Everybody knows that. So how do you drum up interest after the fact? Send every swimwear model onto The Late Show With David Letterman, that’s how.

All the girls – looking slightly odd fully dressed – participated in the Late Show Top Ten list, with Monday's topic being the top 10 questions on the application to become a SI swimsuit model. Emily Didonato started things off with: "How naked do you see yourself in five years?" Nina Agdal asked "Have you ever dated Charlie Sheen? (we can’t work out what the right answer for that question is)."Have you ever used any pose-enhancing drugs?" posed Julie Henderson. "Are you willing to visit the elderly at his late-night talk show?" offered Genevieve Morton and "How would Brent Musberger describe you?" was Miss Alabama Katherine Webb’s. No. 1 was cover girl Upton, with: "Where's the strangest place you've found sand?"

We’re pretty sure the application for swimsuit model on Sports Illustrated sounds like the worst thing ever - if you’re at all into feminism, equal rights or any of that left-wing cushiony nonsense that is. But if you like the idea selecting people based solely on their looks and their answers to sleazy questions, they my-oh-my, it’ll be right up your street. We jest, of course (sort of). The new issue of Sports Illustrated is released on Tuesday 11 February (TODAY!). 

Kate Upton

Kate Upton appeared on David Letterman's show