Katherine Jackson's lawyer has stated that Prince, Paris and Blanket, the children of Michael Jackson, will resign herself to being joint custodian of her grandchildren, whilst their cousin TJ will serve as co-guardian.

The plan to reassign the legal rights looks as though it has been designed to remove pressure from Katherine, who was named as the children's sole guardian in Michael's will.

Legal papers outlining the plan are expected to be filed today (August 2nd) in Los Angeles, hopefully ending a bizarre period in the Jackson saga that has been hitting the headlines in recent weeks. The fiasco began when Katherine was reported missing but eventually turned up at an Arizona spa, having been taken their by some of her children in order to relieve stress.

TJ was awarded temporary guardianship in a court hearing after the event, during which doubt was placed over Katherine's ability to bring up three children at her age.

Further controversy arose when a letter was leaked to press in which members of the Jackson clan had claimed that his will, which left each of his siblings out, was fake and that they were owed damages.

Yesterday, Jermaine Jackson formally resigned himself from any further attempts to gain a chunk of his brother's estate. He also issued a plea for peace in the family and withdrew his support of the letter.