Katherine Jenkins worries about ''dying'' every day.

The 40-year-old singer has said her biggest fear is the death of either herself of her husband Andrew Levitas, because she constantly worries about leaving their children - Aaliyah, four, and Xander, two - without parental figures.

Asked what her biggest fear is, she said: ''Cancer, and me or my husband Andrew dying. We both lost our fathers when we were wrong, and from the moment I had the children it's my daily thought. I never want to leave them without us.''

Katherine's father, Selwyn John, passed away before she made her name as a mezzo-soprano singer, and the beauty says she wishes he could have seen her find success.

When asked to describe her biggest regret, she explained: ''That my dad's not here to see the singing and the kids. My dad would always say: 'I'm going to see you one day on This Is Your Life', which obviously doesn't exist any more, but that was his way of telling me he thought I'd get there. The fact he never saw any of it makes me sad.''

And it isn't just the inevitability of death that's on Katherine's mind all the time, as the former 'Dancing with the Stars' runner-up says she gets ''riled up'' when she thinks about animals who have been hunted for sport.

She said: ''I'm generally a calm person, but I get riled up when I see photos of rhinos that have been mutilated by poachers for their horns. Trophy hunting makes my blood boil.''

Currently, Katherine is spending time at home amid the coronavirus pandemic, and has been enjoying the chance to ''slow down''.

Answering a series of questions for The Sun on Sunday's Fabulous magazine, she said: ''Even though I've been busy, it's been an important clarifier of what and who is important. It's been good to slow down''.